Examples/Templates -- More to come.

These screens show the name "MightyMath" which was a dumb idea.

Parts and Labor Invoice
Cloning can be used to add to the list
of parts or labor items.
File: invoice.mtym

Calculate Means, Standard Deviations
for two variables and their Correlation

Cloning can be used to add to more rows
of data. Scatter plot of samples set up.
File: stats.mtym

Track Overall Cost Of A Car Per Mile
Cloning can be used to add to more rows.
Clone the row above the total.
File: carcost.mtym

A simulator that plays the optimal strategy in
roulette with your lucky number.
File: rulucky.mtym

Check financial totals once a year.
File: assets.mtym

Multiplication Tables
A small app that offers up random multiplication problems
for a specified number of pages until all answers are
File: multiply.mtym

Weighting Student Scores To Determine Grade
Used in the video on Cloning. Chart included.
File: grades.mtym